Now that you’ve decided to take control of your health, here’s what you can do while you wait for your 21 Day Fix package to arrive.



Weights: You will probably want a set of 3- and 5-pound weights to get started. If you haven’t worked out in a very long time, I would go through the first week with NO weights.  Focus on getting through the program, getting the moves down. You will progress very quickly.

Yoga Mat: If you are going to be working out on a hard surface, you will also want a yoga mat.  

You can purchase these items through Beachbody, or you can go to a local TJ Maxx/Marshalls or other discount store.  No other equipment is needed for the workouts.  I do not recommend using resistance bands for this program. I actually think it is more complicated than using light hand weights.

Blender/Shaker Cup: If you are going to drink the Shakeology, it comes with a shaker cup that is great for on the go. However, the shakes taste even better if you blend them with a little ice.  I have found that a “bullet” blender is nice because you can just drink it right out of the cup. I’m all about washing one less dish.  These bullet style blenders are also easier to clean.  These run anywhere from $30 to over $100. For just Shakeology, you don’t need to get too fancy.  The high end ones are for pulverizing fruits and veggies, which you won’t need to do with Shakeology, because it’s all in there.




The little book you get with the 21 Day Fix has a list of foods that are allowed on the program.  The focus is on clean, whole foods that give you a high level of energy and satisfaction. Generally, the higher the item on the list is, the better it is for you.

If you want to do some shopping so you are all set up to go on Day 1, I’ve included the list of foods here.

I want you to eliminate as many obstacles as you can to be successful.  I don’t like creating trash, but I do think it is helpful to buy some paper plates and gallon-size ziploc bags that can fit over your plates. This will allow you to create meals ahead of time, transport them, or eat them without generating a lot of extra dishes to wash. Once you get the hang of the program, you might be okay with washing extra dishes/containers, I just don’t want that to get in the way of your success.

I have created a list of food items that I think are most budget-friendly.  This does not take into account organic produce and meats, etc.  For now, I believe just getting better, whole foods and portion control is more important that whether it is organic or not. I truly believe that fresh foods will cost you less than highly processed foods.

Think about what are your favorite foods, and what family needs you need to take into concern.  Send me a message or email with your preferences and I can help you brainstorm how to fit 21 Day Fix into your lifestyle before you go shopping.




Go ahead and start drinking a gallon a day!  Water is going to be your best friend, I promise!